The words tragic are not nearly good enough.

General says it is unlikely ISIS-K members killed in August Kabul drone strike: ‘A tragic mistake’

The airstrike resulted in multiple civilian casualties

To start and with; why in the name of humanity does there have to be any wars at all?? Greed – money – power – control is what all wars are about.

The drone strike, which was intended to target ISIS-K operatives, resulted in the deaths of an aid worker and up to nine of his family members, including seven children.

With all of the sophisticated technology the USA has, they can not tell a family of 9 people from a band of ISIS operatives. For that matter, this is one of the reasons the USA has got it’s ass kicked in every war they got into since WW II. By now I would think that we should have learned to take care of our own business and concentrate on the problems we have in our own back yard.

I would love to see all the powers in the world get together, break out the peace pipe, take a few good draws on it and try to put an end to this madness.

There are no real winners in war except for the bastards that start them for profit. That includes many other countries and their vicious leaders, not just the war monger is the USA.

I heard an saying years ago that may or ay not be accurate. Without wars, economies could not exist????

Whatever the case may be, there can be peace on earth if everyone involved did their part. I NEVER SEE THAT HAPPENING.



Guys: top picture, ISIS – Bottom picture, family. That should not be too difficult to tell them apart. Should the Afghan population be good and pissed off over this blunder?? You bet they should. Let us do a wait and see how they retaliate.

We are suppose to be making forward progress, not regressing.

The USA and it’s leaders ae like the drunk I used to work with. One day he came to work so hammered he could not climb a very slight slope. He took one step forward and 3 back. He never did make it to the top. Does that strike a cord??

The future is looking kind of bleak; coming at us from all directions.

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