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Ilhan Omar slams judge for blocking ballot measure to scrap Minneapolis Police Department

Omar told constituents in Minneapolis she’s ‘pretty upset about it’


During an in-person town hall meeting Tuesday evening in Minneapolis, Omar blamed big money for thwarting a progressive measure that she argued would have given the city “flexibility” on how to better police the city.

How the Ilhan Omar Marriage Smear Went From an Anonymous Post on an Obscure  Forum to Being Embraced by Trump
The face of evil

Flexibility being the key word; or does the psychotic broad really mean control. Does she or any other of her demented revolutionary crew think that having a NEW SET of cops on the beat it will make a difference; when the real issue is crime.

If and when the NEW COPS plan would be put into implemented; does anyone think the NEW COPS will react any differently than the current police force when some crazy bastard is throwing a fire bomb at them?? Hell no. When cities across the country allow this type of lawlessness, let us see if the naysayers and the NEW COPS would act any different than the current cops.

Portland protesters throw fire bombs on 100th night of demonstrations |  TheHill

Even wack-jobs like the mayor of Portland admitted they made a huge mistake allowing the rioting to get out of control as it did.

Portland mayor admits mistakes in police response to brawlshttps://www.kgw.com › article › news › local › protests

Sep 8, 2021 — Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler said the “Choose Love” plan was not a good strategy to respond to far-right and far-left brawls in the city.

Portland mayor admits mistakes were made in response to …https://www.lawofficer.com › portland-mayor-admits-m…

7 days ago — Portland mayor admits mistakes were made in response to violence. Mayor Ted Wheeler is consistently wrong when it comes to public safety.

The answers are double fold. 1st reduce the crime (I do not see that happening using current kid glove procedures) and 2nd, get rid of the rogue cops and punish any of them that cross the line with abuse. Disbanding the present system and replacing it is not the answer.

If these screwballs that are pushing this NEW COP agenda around the country think their soft-touch, liberal method of policing is going to be the answer to the out of control criminals, they better switch drug dealers.

The only things that will work is what I have laid out; reduce/stop the crime – get rid of the bad cops. What this socialist/commie broad is suggesting, what she calls flexibility, it is only so she and her crew have control (flexibility) over the NEW COP system, which is only going to be a lot more costly and much more dangerous.

I would love to see OMAN and her crew being abused by a group of thugs and see what kind of actions she would suggest taking to squelch the situation. FLEXIBILITY???


OMAN; stop and take a good look around you and be thankful we have the systems in place that have been protecting this country for 100’s of years. Does it need a tune up and an overhaul??? Probably, BUTT not a disbandment.

Wake up and smell the napalm girl!! If you do not like the system in the USA, you can ALWAYS go back to Somalia where you would be in the slams for life or your head would be rolling around in a basket.

Guillotine High Resolution Stock Photography and Images - Alamy


Is it safe to visit Somalia? We continue to advise: Do not travel to Somalia due to: the high risk of terrorist attack, kidnapping, armed conflict and violent crime. the health risks from the COVID-19 pandemic and the significant disruptions to global travel. Aug 5, 2021

The primary reason people like OMAN are out of line in this country is; they get away with it. I have always maintained; do not bite the hands that feed you. Appreciate what you have.

FLEXIBILITY MY ASS – they want control!

Challenge the system if necessary to keep it inline, yes, but be reasonable.

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