Slow but sure, they are shutting off J J’s water …

White House abruptly cuts feed of Biden mid-sentence as he asks question at wildfires briefing

Biden’s White House has history of preventing public from hearing him off the cuff

The guy can’t even be trust not to F-up using teleprompters or cue cards. The people calling the shots (we know it s not J J) have stationed the speech police strategically to keep an ear on what J J says. If and when J J gets off of script or is having an epiphany that is not satisfactory, the pull the plug on his mike.

How long will it be or how many blunders is J J going to make before they turn his faucet permanently??

J J is probably one of the good old boys sitting at the neighborhood bar, telling dirty jokes and pinching the lady’s ass as they walks by. That I will give him an A+ for, BUTT president of the USA, he gets an F-.

He has made reference to the fact that he is NOT the captain of the ship. If he is not (as I do believe) who the hell is??

What Every American Should Know … – Penguin Random House › books › what-…

A guide to the politicos, money men, lobbyists, and deal makers who really run America What foreign country has the power to send America crashing into…

It seems that J J is putting the world on notice. Several times he has made reference to stepping down if his health became a problem, ORRRR if he and Car-mella were at an impasse on some critical issues.

Any logical person would think he had his health conditions checked out thoroughly before putting his hand on the bible. That was only a few months back. Does J J have a underlying condition that he is keeping under raps, that is beside being senile??

I will bet the farm on my theory; J J is just a sacrificial lamb waiting to go to the slaughterhouse.

No one is that ignorant (the money people) to run a guy for president of the USA with J J’s obvious disabilities unless they had THE MASTER PLAN.

Ladies and gents; clandestine operations like this go so deep and are so complex, the majority of us will never know or understand how they operate and who is really behind the government. It sure as hell is not J J (Jokin Joe) Biden.

One of the primary reason PDT was hated so much; they could not control him. $$$$$$$$

As of August over 125 generals and admirals have quit because of J J’s poor, inept leadership. That has to tell us something.

Out of 329 million people in the USA; these rocket scientists had to pick a guy that can not remember to pull his zipper up after he chokes his chicken. Very funny, BUTT sad.

Probably the reality of the situation is; who in their right mind would want a thankless job like that?? If in fact the person was well qualified, a SUPER PATRIOT, being supported by the voters and his constituents, it could be very rewarding, BUTT that is not the case. They are more concerned about filling slots/quotas than putting capable people in office.


I find it very difficult to believe that Carm-ella was the best they could come up with. In fact she is a person the money people can control. Carm was selected by J J for two reasons – she is a women and she is black. One other item I forgot; she has a great set of ivories.

It is hard to tell how long before the money people decide J J has had enough and puts him out to pasture. BUTT that day is coming.

One thing J J can be thankful for; when dooms day comes, his days of having to remember will be over. J J who????

One thing I would really like to see; a reporter ask him how he feels making so many blunders. His answer most likely would be; I DON’Y KNOW, I CAN’T REMEMBER.

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