That solidifies it ….

Kamala Harris to campaign with Gavin Newsom in final stretch before California recall election

It may have been questionable among some people as to just how waked-out Car-Mella is. This recent move to back Glamorous Gavin should make an air tight case for what a flake she really is.

I guess if John Dillinger was running for public office and Machine Kelley threw John his support, no one would be surprised!!


Fools of a feather fly together.

I heard from one of my scouts in La La Land, Carm and Gavin took a blood oath. If Carm does get into the Big Chair (almost a shoe in) and makes it until 2024; she and G G from California just may tie up together. In what manner you AXE?? That remains to be seen.

Gotta have the same caper

These scammers do not have care in the world. They just continue to play the political game, reaping all the benefits and unfortunately keep coming out the winners, thanks to the other fools that vote for them.

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