Most are #preventable ….

13 Miami-Dade school employees have died of Covid-19 since mid-August

Most of the Covid deaths are people that did not want to get the shots.

My brother is one of millions who won’t get the COVID-19 › opinion › 2021/08/06 › co…

Aug 6, 2021 — Overwhelming evidence shows vaccines save lives. But those against the shot are adamant in their beliefs. The biggest problem: Trust.

Nearly all COVID deaths in US are now among unvaccinated › article › coronavirus-pandemic-he..

.Jun 24, 2021 — An Associated Press analysis of available government data from May shows that “breakthrough” infections in fully vaccinated people accounted for …

I don’t know if it is just me

Why Are You Here - Pondering Man Transparent PNG - 462x686 - Free Download  on NicePNG

If on one hand I could save my life by getting the few simple shots that would save my life; on in the other hand; be stupid and refuse to get the shots; which hand would I chose??

In most cases life can be as simple or complicated as we make it. We are our own bus driver (or something like that).

The guy keeps asking himself the same question; I wonder why I can’t shake this cold??

Butt-Naked Ice Swimming - SkyAboveUs

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