Reallyyyyyyyyyy; who are the experts??????

Already vaccinated against Covid-19? Experts say you’re protected, even without a booster shot

AXE 12 different scientists the same question and we would get 15 different answers. Is there anyone that actually knows what COVID is all about?? I don’t think so.

A few weeks ago JAWS (Fauci translated from Italian) came out and announced that it is VERY possible that everyone eventually would have to get a 3rd shot. Today; just to confuse the shit out of us a little more, Dr. Megan Ranney another top microscoper said we probably will not need the infamous 3rd shot. It is no wonder there are so many people out there reluctant to get the first 2 shots, they do not know who to believe.

I still say; many of the so called experts/prognosticators just want to get their names and kissers on the news and really are not 100% sure of what they are talking about.

It lead me to wonder; just how many people have died because they took the advice of some so called an authority in the field???

Family Guy Ill Take This Casket - video Dailymotion
He was just following doctors orders.

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