Billy; hold the butter on my popcorn ….

Monica Lewinsky should be seen ‘in a different light’ after being ‘silenced,’ ‘Impeachment’ star says

‘Impeachment: American Crime Story’ premieres Sept 7 on FX

I am anxious to see if CHC (Crooked Hillary Clinton) and WBC (Wild Bill Clinton) are going to share a bowl of popcorn or two while watching one of the most shameful events that ever took place in the Casa Bianca or in presidential history.

CHC to WBC ” Remember in the good old days Billy when we could let our hair down, smoke a joint or two and nobody seemed to care”? “Yours was loner than mine”.

Who would have ever guessed

I heard through one of my most reliable sources; CHC axed the lady that owns the infamous BLUE DRESS, the one that brought her hubby down, if she wanted to come to dinner and later watch the series with her and Billy on the tele.

In my opinion; what really says what kind of lizard Bill is; the fact that he had sex with a young girl who is only 7 year younger than his own daughter. In reality, it is not about the sex act to slime balls like WBC, it is the control, power surge and ego boost they get.

I have never seen any remorse coming out of Billy for any of his clandestine evil deeds. The only thing that bothered him, he got caught. He lied like a dog for months, thinking that his southern charm would get him another free ride pass. WRONG.

Getting caught did not put a halt to the Old Boy’s escapades. The embarrassment just slowed him do a little until he hooked up with Jeffery Epinburger and shared a few rendezvous at Epinburger’s secret hideaway, Sex Island with some other underaged girls. Should I say allegedly???.

Turds of a feather

At the very least; if we wanted to compare WBC to JFK; JFK was classy enough (if classy is what we want to call it) to only get involved with women his age and did not rob the cradle. If WBC would have gone out and bought a hooker his age, I don’t think that would have raised many eyebrows.

That was without the Blue Pill folks

The say that the medication JFK was taking to deal with his illnesses; one of the side effects was a dramatic increase in his sex drive. HELLLLLo!!

Hold the butter on mine Bill, you know I am trying to watch.

So goes another sad saga in American history that does not matter to most. I wonder if there are any reruns of The Bowery Boys airing at the same time THE DRESS is on???

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