Did not need a crystal ball for this one ….

Taliban seeking to expand capabilities with US weaponry

US troops destroyed dozens of aircraft before vacating airport in Afghanistan



Yesterday I saw some F-in idiot on the news who was high up in the political scene (did not get his name) said; all of the equipment and weapons that the Taliban recovered by the irresponsible US military command and whomever had a hand in this deadly joke; in what they like to call it, a strategic withdrawal, would NOT be of much benefit to them. GMAFB!!! What planet am I living on??

This is most likely, fools like this fool are the reason the USA shoots themselves in the foot at every turn.

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Incompetency at all levels ….

Posted on 09/01/2021 by The Goomba Gazette


like the boys on the corner would say; hold on to your sky pieces this is just the tip of the icepick.

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