A lot tougher in the # 1 seat, HUH J J …..

America’s Afghan war is over but the battle for Biden’s legacy is only just beginning

What are historians going to put in the J J (Jokin Joe) library??

Just like with his x-boss TMC; they will finding it very difficult to come up with anything admirable to put on his mausoleum walls and shelves.

The fools that live in fantasy land who want to pay homage to TMC, intend to spend 1.7 BBBBillion dollar$ on a library for Bay-Rock (AKA TMC) . Give me a big, AYSM!!

Another Big AYSM!!!

I don’t know; at this point in his administration, I don’t think a library is even a consider for J J. Possibly a HALL OF SHAME; Butt not a library.

For over 50 years, J J floated through the political system, reaping all the bennies butt never having any real accountability. Now that he is in the # 1 seat; the heat has been turned way up; something he never expected. I would be willing to bet; if J J was an honest man;

CHOKIN JOKIN Joe – He would absolutely have second thoughts on being # 1.

It is a very tough and demanding job being # 1, some thing people do not realize until they are there and the all responsibilities are directed at them. When the buck stops at their desk, they better have the right answers. J J has never had these kinds of demands put on him. If this photo does not tell the tale, nothing will.

The pressure is overwhelming for him
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Whats the matter J J – seat too hot???

Heaven help us if Car-mella ever time ever comes to sit in the Big Chair. I think it is only a matter of time and the clock is ticking.

I often said; Donald Trump was one tough son-of-a-bitch to withstand all the pounding and abuse he took coming from all sides, and ALWAYS stood tall. J J is not cut from the same cloth; and if this kind of pressure continues, I see him taking a severe nose dive. A least this is what THE MASTER PLAN game plan is.

2021; with all the going in the world was not the time and place for J J to sit in THE BIG CHAIR. He can do one hell of a job being a #2 – 5 man where he can hide, BUTT #1 one is to much for him.

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