We are not alone …..

I have been saying it for years; we are not alone. If anyone thinks we have problems now with Afghanistan and the boarders, just wait until our extraterrestrial neighbors decide to come and pay us a visit.

Anyone that thinks that is not a distinct possibility is a fool.

UFOs, UAPs—Whatever We Call Them, Why Do We Assume …https://www.airspacemag.com › daily-planet › ufos-uap…

Aug 5, 2021 — For better or worse, sightings of unidentifiable things in the sky have become inextricably linked to spacecraft from outer space.
8 takeaways from the government’s big UFO report – CNNhttps://www.cnn.com › ufos-uap-extraterrestrial-life

Jun 28, 2021 — On Friday evening the US intelligence community released something remarkable: An unclassified report to Congress of unidentified aerial …
Pentagon Releases UFO Report: Here’s What’s Insidehttps://nymag.com › pentagon-ufo-report-what-we-know
Jul 5, 2021 — U.S. Defense and intelligence officials have released an unclassified report on everything the government knows about UFOs.

One comparison I heard years back coming for the scientific field that has always stuck with me: the Earth is so insignificant; it is like one grain of sand on all the beaches in the world.

Now tell me; if something is that minute, why would it be the only planet that is occupied with living life of some sort. It does not make sense.

For some strange reason, for years our government has denied that any extraterrestrials exist. Based on what we all should know about our government, they are all a bunch of bull-shiters anyway, so why should we believe anything they say??

Why would they want to keep information like that from the public?? Probably only to avoid all out panic.

Hawking: Is He Really That Great? | Time

One of the most brilliant people that ever lived; Stephen Hawking said; they are absolutely out there, but we better hope they never come. It will not look pretty.

They will not be coming to share their recipe for Spaggs and balls with us ; but coming to destroy us.

Let us see just how high and mighty, insignificant all of the HIGH FLYERS/UPPER CRUST in this world are after they get their ass zapped with a ray-gun.

Hold on to your hats and bonnets folks, “I” (invasion) Day is coming. When you ask?? Good question that no one has the answer to, but you can bet that day is coming.

Sign of extraterrestrial life indicates that we are not alone - Olhar  Digital
Government UFO Report Won't Rule Out Visitors from Space | BU Today |  Boston University

Image like this have been spotted by 1,000 of pilots for decades who are experts in their field. So many sighting have been made; after extensive research into ALL possibilities, the government is finally admitting the objects are real, but they do not know what they are, most possibly coming from outer space.

Anything as advanced as what the pilots have seen and what these crafts are capable of doing; in my opinion, we will be totally defenseless against them.

So you are a tough guy and invincible; HUH???

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