Puppet on a string ……

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President Biden says he was ‘instructed’ to call on reporters from list at presser following Kabul attacks

Critics asked ‘Who the hell is in charge here?’ in reaction to the viral moment


Folks; I have been saying this from the very beginning. J J (Jokin Joe Biden) is nothing BUTT a JOKE and a puppet on a string. Anyone that thinks/believes other wise is a fool. It is apparent from the very beginning J J is a PLANT; just waiting for the MASTER PLAN to kick in; when Carm-ella, the other PLANT, will take over. J J has never been in charge and never will be.

Now; all I am waiting for is “D” when the MASTER PLAN is executed, physically or metaphorically!!

When we try to get to the root or source of the POWER it is very complex/difficult. This goes way back before TMC (Obama the Manchurian Candidate) that would include anti-American scumbags like George Soros and the people that financially supported TMC.

Take a look at the list and then think of the people behind these organizations who all benefited by TMC getting elected.

University of California$1,799,460
Goldman Sachs$1,034,615
Harvard University$900,909
Microsoft Corp$854,717
JPMorgan Chase & Co$847,895
Google Inc$817,855
Citigroup Inc$755,057
US Government$638,335
Time Warner$617,844
Sidley Austin LLP$606,260
Stanford University$603,866
National Amusements Inc$579,098
Columbia University$570,839
Skadden, Arps et al$554,439
WilmerHale Llp$554,373
US Dept of Justice$540,636
IBM Corp$534,470
UBS AG$534,166
General Electric$532,031
Morgan Stanley$528,182

Is anyone foolish enough to think that political donations are not going to be paid back by favors extended; get them while they last …..


THIS THING to move the USA into a socialist state is bigger than anyone can imagine. It has so many twists and turns; Sherlock Holmes would have a very tough time cracking the case. I don’t even know if the entire conspiracy can ever be totally exposed. One thing that is a sure as the nose on Pinocchio, they are all lying like dogs and it is getting more corrupted by the day.

If I am wrong; why in the hell would J J make this statement:


 “Ladies and gentlemen, they gave me a list here. The first person I was instructed to call on was Kelly O’Donnell from NBC,” Biden kicked off the press conference. 

One other occasion vividly sticks out in my mind.

In his own words:

Biden jokes ‘he’ll RESIGN and develop mystery disease’ if …


JOE Biden has jokingly vowed to “resign” if he ever has an argument with Vice President-elect Kamala Harris. The president-elect teased the idea of stepping down on Thursday if he ever had a disagreement with Harris and quipped that he would have to “develop some disease” before doing so. Biden, 78, said: “Our philosophy of government is …

Fact being; Jokin Joe was not jokin. He showed his hole card. That is all part of the MASTER PLAN.

The issues that are really kicking J J’s ass right now may be deliberate facets of the scheme. Why you AXE?? It is hard to conceive that one can be that incompetent accidentally.

I have no idea what the end result of J J’s blunder are going to be. One thing I do know; someone, somewhere better come up with a plan to get us out of the jackpots we are in. They are severe enough and have lingered so long, they are stinking more every day, I do not know if there are any workable resolution.

It is crazy to think that J J finds some humor behind the Afghanistan crisis.

Is this the time for wisecracks, Joe? Snarky President says ‘you’ll be the first person I call’ to NBC reporter who asked what he’ll do if US citizens and Afghan allies are still on the ground after August 31

By his actions and comments; J J has very little concern for the people stranded in Afghanistan. I can’t help BUTT wonder; what if Hunter was among the captured; would J J have a different attitude??

Is J J going to lead the USA into WW III?? Is J J going to turn the USA into a 3rd would country, or are we there already. Too many questions BUTT no answers coming from the top.

Is J J’s administration going the be the USA’s Waterloo??

Mr Webster

What does the word Waterloo mean?

Decisive or final defeat: a decisive or final defeat or setback a political waterloo. Waterloo.

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