Only #cowards #abandon ship when it is #sinking ….

Pelosi and House ditch town as Biden deals with Afghanistan evacuation, explosions near airport

Two explosions rocked Kabul Thursday, Pentagon confirms U.S. casualties; sources say attacks may be ongoing

The COWARDS can absolutely be compared to the captain of a ship abandoning his post while his ship is sinking. How can these fools justify their actions?? They can’t.

Not that they have would any intelligent resolutions to the problems (the Wall and Afghanistan) ; let us just call it symbolism for them to a least show their support in these dilemma’s. After all, their selfishness, stupidity and lack of leadership are some of the reasons the USA is up to it’s ass in the alligator pit.

Politicians have never learned; they have to rise to the occasion when the seas get rough; not hide under the bunks.

The real motivation for these people getting into politics, is only for their self-gratification. When the seas get rough and the SHIP OF FOOLS begins to sink, they all abandon ship.


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