Very generous of you USA ….

New concerns Taliban have seized US digital databases left behind

Situation Room: There are rising fears that the Taliban has ceased US military digital data and could potentially use it to target allies left behind. CNN’s Brian Todd reports. Source: CNN

On the way out; might as well give them the cattle – the barn – all the live stock – crops; along with the farm.

One would think – one would think – I said, ONE WOULD THINK; if I had intentions of getting out of Dodge permanently; I would give myself enough time to take all of my personal effects with me. You know; take the time to put together a good exit plan to make a sensible withdrawal, or whatever they want to label it. .

The fools that run these operations are just that; SUPER FOOLS. They knew and announced a year ago they were getting their hats and bonnets. First of all; as ignorant as they are, they told the enemy what their intentions were so the bad guys could gear up for the move. Like telling the guy down the street ; next month I am coming over to kick your ass. What did he do; naturally, he was waiting behind hid door with a loaded shot gun.

2ndly; obviously, they were so preoccupied with their personal matters, they neglected to strip the country of all the information and equipment that belonged to the USA; the same way they did when they ran away from Vietnam with their tail between their legs. To try and hide their shame; they labeled the fleeing from Vietnam a strategic withdrawal. I call it running way because they were getting their as kicked. With the weaponry the USA has, there should NEVER be a war lost.

In 1973, when the U.S. withdrew its last combat troops under the Paris peace accords, it left behind $5 billion worth of military equipment. Apr 28, 2012

abandoned us military supplies keep vietnamese … – JOC › abandoned-us-military-supplies-…

Jul 15, 1991 — The United States left so much behind when Hanoi won the Vietnam War

Did they learn anything from their hasty retreat from Vietnam??? Hell no; they just did the same thing in Afghanistan, leaving billion upon billions of equipment and sensitive information that the Taliban will most certainly use against us. Brilliant move fellas; it must be contagious all coming from the top, incompetent at all levels.

This is one of the reason I believe that these wars were started solely for money. There are very select group of war mongers who control this country, that have made a fortune. It never mattered to them if the USA won or lost the wars; as long as they got theirs, raping the country financially. Otherwise; no one can be as ignorant; based on the superior technology we have to fight the wars in the manner we did. I think it is safe to say; the USA has gone to war in the Middle East to lose the wars. What other answer can there be.

I did a post the other day stating. We had every conceivable high tech weapon available to us; they had rocks – rusted weapons and junk trucks they got around in; guess who is chasing who out of their country.

U.S.-made weapons seized by Taliban could lead to regional arms bazaar -  POLITICO
12 Most Powerful Military Weapons in Action - YouTube

Now tell me, who should have the upper hand and come out on top!!

The USA has become the laughing stock of the world; getting worse every day. The way our leaders run a war; we might as well surrender even before wars started.

Cartoon Man Waving a White Flag in Surrender Stock Vector Image by  ©ronleishman #13984235

It is horrendous how our once the greatest country in the world has regressed all because of the $$$ and incompetence.

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