We get #pulverized across the pond and get #beat-up at home …


‘Silent amnesty’: Biden administration quietly dismissing thousands of deportation cases

Migrants get de facto permission to remain in U.S. even though they do not hold a legal status

Take a guess as to who is winning the war on immigration under the J J (Jokin Joe) administration. It sure as hell is not the USA. Now J J’s answer to putting out the fire is creating bigger and more powerful fires by granting Silent amnesty’ . He got his ass in a sling and does not know how to get out of it. What does he do?? Creates a Silent amnesty’

It is the same as the government printing more dead presidents to bail them out of a jackpot. They are not really solving the problem; they are like the person that splashes on more perfume to mask her stink. I don’t care how much she douses herself, she still stinks.

Is it a sacrilege or what that most of the ass whipping the USA is taking now under the J J & Car-mella administration are all connected with the socio/dumbo/crats wanting to get back at PDT!!

How can anyone put any sense or justification behind these conditions is way beyond me. We are getting pulverized in Afghanistan and having our ass handed to us on our own soil, all because of a #get-back-game some ignorant politicians are playing. Yet, if you ask them; they claim the USA is firing on all 8.

Where this spinning, out of control merry-go-round is going to stop, no body knows. One thing for sure, it is not going to be in the plus column.

The way I see it; J J and his crew maybe one of the most incompetent administration in USA history.

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