Two shameless fools cut from the same old tattered cloth ….

Kamala Harris breaks silence on Afghanistan debacle as Singapore prime minister admits withdrawal went ‘awry’

VP refuses to admit mistakes in chaotic Afghan withdrawal, then foreign leader points out obvious

How much worse does it have to get before this pathetic broad turns off that fake smile, shuts her mouth, opens her eyes and ears as to what is going on in this world?? In her vocabulary; what does she consider chaotic?? Or is it just the fact that the USA is up to it’s ass in an alligator pit while her and J J are at the helm!! I take door # 2.

Do I ever love myself

Do these sons-a-bitchin politicians ever admit they were wrong or made a mistake??

Harris and Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong were asked about the U.S. withdrawal

Cuomo calls AG probe ‘political firecracker,’ takes shots at far-left Dems in farewell address

Cuomo is stepping down amid multiple allegations of sexual harassment

Maybe Mario Cuomo could have been a sailor, making Andy and Car-Mella are blood relatives. They both have the same line of unrepentant bullshit, they are never wrong.

Both in their own fashion; they deny any wrong doing in their particular circumstances. They love to drag the cross around on their shoulder, play the martyr role and expect people to sympathize with the predicaments.

Carm-ella has shirked her responsibilities ever since she became the 2nd in command, focusing only on the perks and the celebrity of her office.

Andy Boy vehemently denies any wrong doing in the sexual abuse charges coming from multiple women. One thing they both excel in; pointing the finger the other way and denial.

Not to be ignored, they both lie with a straight face and are very convincing to some gullible people.

It is a very sad state of affairs when the American people have to tolerate these types of inadequate/despicable public servants. But they have no one but themselves to blame for these people being in office. They voted for them.

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