What is not respectful Mr. Mayor ..

Philadelphia mayor rejects calls to bring in National Guard to address crime wave: ‘Not respectful’

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney said sending the National Guard in ‘is not respectful to that neighborhood’

Is this fool running 110 temperature – has his head up his ass or BOOF. NOT RESPECTFUL??? What the hell is the fool smoking. He better get a new dealer. His current one just sold him a bag of dried up dandelions. If anyone wants or thinks they have respect coming; first they have to give it. The word respect is not in the Gangsta-dictionary.

What is respectful Mr. Mayor???? The Homicides are up 24.5% and shootings are up 25.4% so far this year in Philadelphia as the city grapples with a spiraling crime wave, according to data from the Philadelphia Police Department. Possibly in this guys pea brain, if the numbers were up 80% instead of 25, that would be respectful.

Wanna be a nice guy?? Nice guys finish last. The thugs know Kenney is an easy target and they take advantage of it.

I pray the number I played today comes in

It is absolutely astounding that our country has survived as long as it has with a bunch of nitwits running it.

Aiutami Vergine Maria ho l’emicrania

I would think that the neighborhood would welcome any help they can get to bring law and order back to their community. They all can not all be as consolatory as this fool.

Wake up and smell the Napalm Mayor; your city is metaphorically burning down and you want to be respectful. GMAFB!!!!!!!!!!! Thugs do not understand respectful.

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