Seeing eye dog, a hearing aid, a tape recorder …

Biden says ‘no one’s being killed’ in Afghanistan, can’t ‘recall’ advisers telling him to delay withdrawal

Report says top generals told Biden to leave troops in Afghanistan, Biden says he doesn’t remember

AYSM??? J J didn’t really say he could not remember. I wonder if he has someone help him put his shoes on so he gets them on the right foot??

Pathetic. Half of this world is in an uproar and treading on thin ice all because we have a fool in the #1 seat that can not remember to pull his zipper down before he takes a piss. We all know how messy that can be.

What the hell are the decision makers going to do about this??? It can not be put on the back burner and wait until he makes a horrendous mistake. WHY; he has done that already.

By pulling out of Afghanistan how he did, so poorly organized and haphazardly, he has created a monster that will have lasting effects around the world. Couple that together with the boarder disaster, there is no end to this fools insanity and incompetency. And this is the person the dumbo-cratic-socialist party elected to run the country?? They sold their souls to the devil and we are going down the tubes with them.

sell your soul to the devil By toons | Politics Cartoon | TOONPOOL

I think the time has long passed to oust J J out of the big chair and turn it back to PDT. It is my belief, conditions will be 100 times worse if Car-Mella takes control. If need be; CHANGE THE CONSTITUTION. The country and the world have never been in such a precarious position.

If anyone would have told our founding fathers that the USA would be in this condition; they would have never believed it.

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