J J; how does it feel to be on the receiving end …



Pressed on whether the U.S.’s exit from Afghanistan could have been handled better, Pres. Biden tells @GStephanopoulos, “The idea that somehow, there’s a way to have gotten out without chaos ensuing—I don’t know how that happens.” https://abcn.ws/3gdCgXh

J J; I would say; it gets pretty serious when your staunchest supporters, ABC – CNN – MSNBC – NBC and other are breaking your balls. How can they realistically deny the facts?? I am elated that some of them have finally pulled their heads out of where the sun does not shine and acknowledge facts and the truth. I hear through the grapevine that THE DOCTOR / Mrs Biden has cut J J off ???? You know how rumors get started.

Is this going to be the pattern set throughout his presidency (who knows how long he can last) when he continues to make monumental blunders; and says I don’t know how that happens ?? Much of the worlds future depends heavily on the decisions the president of the USA makes. So far J J is doing a piss poor job of leading. To date; J J’s approval rating is about 46%. If he were on a baseball team with those numbers, he would already be hitching down the highway.

In this incompetent mans hands, and the decisions he makes, lies the safety, security and well-being of most of the world. I know he does not have the last word in many areas, BUTT the fact still remains, he is supposed to be the # 1 guy in this country.

It is reprehensible; knowing the condition of this bumbling fool (who doesn’t know his sister from his mother) the democratic/social party ran him for president.

Joe Biden confuses his wife and sister during Super Tuesday …https://www.dailymail.co.uk › news › article-8072813

Mar 4, 2020 — A protester for ‘Direct Action Everywhere’ leaped on stage during Joe Biden’s Super Tuesday victory speech in LA shouting ‘Let dairy die!’

I still say there is a MASTER PLAN in the background just waiting to carry him out in a straight jacket, strapped to a stretcher. There can be no other reason THE PARTY has allowed this type of incompetency and the magnitude of it, if they did not have the MASTER PLAN to shit can him. . That is when (I refuse to go Car-Mella) slither into the # 1 seat and Nasty Nan into the #2 slot. I don’t know which scenario can be worse. We just may be better living with J J and his F-U’s

All J J did for 4 years was try to crush PDT’s balls at every turn. Not for any good reason, BUTT because they hated him. Now he is in the drivers seat and is on the receiving end, he is the focus of much and well deserved criticism from all sides for his errors in judgement and his lack of proficiency.

J J; how does it feel to be on the receiving end … What goes around, comes around.

I could really care less about J J, his blunders and dangerous mistakes, except for the fact they impact the entire world. Is there an answer to this critical dilemma the USA is in, having a half-wit govern this country?? I don’t think so. The die has been cast and chiseled in stone. Anyway we turn, we are screwed. Possibly only one solution ; Shit can the election results and put PDT back in the BIG Chair.

In many situations; the replacement being Carm, is far better than the incumbent; BUTT this is not the case. How can anyone be worse than J J?? Hold on to your sky pieces men and your bonnets ladies, the wind of chaos have just began to blow.

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And I thought Trump was bad

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