Is it about safety or the Almighty $$$$$ ….

US to recommend COVID vaccine booster jab for all Americans: reports

Pfizer and BioNTech said Monday that a third dose is safe and elicits an antibody response

Is the 3rd shot all about safety or the Almighty $$$$$ generating more profit for the drug companies?? I wish I knew the answer. It maybe partially both.

The 3rd shot will be another three ring circus trying to get everyone back at the end of a needle when the first two shots were supposed to be all we needed. A good percentage of Americans still do not have the first 2 and do not intend to get them.

It would take a lot of the pain away if we were certain we could trust the supposed experts. They haven’t been right too many time yet; so what makes them experts??

Like the ONE and ONLY shingle shot everyone was supposed to get. According to the EXPERTS at the time; one shot would last us a lifetime. The drug companies also made billion on this one. All of a sudden we need the BOOSTER.

NOWWWWWW; after the fact, the same EXPERTS that recommend we all get a once in a lifetime shingle shot say we need another. GMAFB!!!! These fools have me pulling my hair out trying to do the right things.

My Life Is A Hair Pulling Experience! - Gabe Howard

Sad to say; they are all in bed together, the drug companies and the health care systems. It is all about the Almighty $$$$.

Sad to say again; if these virus infections do not kill us all; our politicians just may with their piss poor leadership tactics. The ONLY thing they seem to do with any degree of skill or proficiency, is to point the finger at the other guy.


Typical: When the frying pan gets hot, they all run out of the kitchen.

President Biden appeared to go back on his campaign promise to “take responsibility” as commander-in-chief and not “blame others” during his speech on the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan that has seen the Taliban swiftly retake control of the country – and outcome Biden previously claimed was “highly unlikely.”

Yes you do – no you don’t – maybe you do – maybe you don’t – possibly you do, possibly you don’t.

I feel like Daffy Duck:


Biden administration expected to advise Covid booster shots for most Americans

Kaitlan Collins

By Kaitlan Collins, CNN Updated 6:22 AM EDT, Tue August 17, 2021

Good luck with that one.

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