I am warning you – I am warning you – I am warning you ….

Joe Biden snaps at reporter asking about son Hunter

Is J J’s presidency going to be a carbon copy or a mirror image of what TMC’s was all about?? Always selling Wolf Tickets, BUTT rarely, if ever buying any. All it was, 8 years of lip service and idle threats.

US President Barack Obama Warns Pakistan To End Terrorism Sponsorship – Bing video

J J announced yesterday, if any American were injured or killed in the transition of leaving Afghanistan, there would be a heavy price to pay. Is the USA ever going to get tired of getting pushed around in critical situation that call for stern action?? It does not look like it to me. Based on what I see in the news today; J J and his threats are invisible to them.

U.S. President Joe Biden delivers remarks on the crisis in Afghanistan during a speech in the East Room. (REUTERS)
U.S. President Joe Biden delivers remarks on the crisis in Afghanistan during a speech in the East Room. (REUTERS)

Like a kid that laughs at his permissive parents. He knows they are all talk and little action.

There should have been – I say should have been, an iron clad agreement in place that ALL American citizens would have been able to exit the country safely when the transition took place. I do not believe that happened.

All of our enemies know that the liberal democratic/social party that is gaining strength in the USA, all have (for the lack of a better term) paper assholes. All bark and no bite. It is shameful the way the USA allows it’s enemies push us around.

All of our advisories around the world are sharpening their ax in preperation to attack. The same thing the Taliban did in their most recent takeover. They knew the day of the pullout was coming and they prepared themselves. That is why their success was so rapid.

One of the biggest mistakes the ignorant politicians in the USA make; ALWAYS announcing their intentions, months or years before they make a move. If I told my arch enemy in the neighborhood, that next Thursday I was going to come over his house with a ball-bat and kick his ass; would it be wise to assume he would be ready and waiting for me?? You bet your booty he would.

Moral of the story; NEVER SHOW YOUR HOLE CARD.

Rob O’Neill on ‘Fox & Friends’: Terrorists want to kill all of us, your politics don’t matter

SEAL who killed bin Laden says US losing sight of the mission

Why didn’t PDT have this problem; they (our enemies) knew THE MAN has iron balls and would retaliate appropriately.

We never should have stayed in Afghanistan as long as we did; mainly because their own people would not arise to the occasion and help to protect themselves.

On the other side of the coin; I am a firm believer in; DO NOT GO WHERE YOU DO NOT BELONG. There are droves of people in Afghanistan and around the world making a bundle of $$$$ in very dangerous places, because they put the $$$$ before their safety. Than when they get their ass in a jackpot/sling, they expect the USA to bail them out for zero.

Like the people that test the Mighty Mount Everest and other dangerous locations. They should know the potential dangers before they set out, and should not expect others to rescue them at no cost.

AGAIN: Don’t go where you don’t belong.

I am warning you!!!

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