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NYT’s Maureen Dowd rips Obama ‘orgy,’ enraging ex-prez’s Twitter admirers

The former president’s celebrity-packed birthday bash was more about ‘Hollywood whoring’ than thanking those who worked for him, the columnist wrote

  1. It should be up to any individual as to who he or she wants to invite to their parties. It is none of Dowd’s business or anyone else who TMC sent an invitation to.
  2. Take a look at it from another angle; TMC (The Manchurian Candidate) should have invited people that have stood by him and helped him getting into THE BIG CHAIR. BUTT that in-itself shows what kind of thankless character he is. Is is not what you did for me yesterday, what can you do for me tomorrow.

I have always been a firm believer in taking care of who takes care of me. I hold true friendship in a very high regard. Not everyone does. It doesn’t seem that TMC shares that same mentality.

His character: It was just like after the first election; him kicking Oprah to the curb; that without her support, he would have never been elected. The billionaire babe was left out of many functions, most notably the inaugural ball. Reason being; Mrs O felt insecure around her, being overshadowed by her fame, Michelle wanted to be the Belle of the Ball, possibly assuming that HER MAN would go tip-toing through the tulips.

So much for loyalty among thieves.

In all fairness, for anyone to pick apart TMC’s guess list and how they behaved at the bash is totally uncalled for, unless there was a crime committed. Some ball busters even reported on how the man cut the rug. That is what he does; DANCE.

Is it possible it was sour apples that prompted Maureen Dowd to bad mouth TMC on Twitter?? I would think by now, people should be very careful as to what they put on social media. Once it is in ink, it is there forever. Even PDT did not wise up to that fact.

Maureen should have listed to Lesley Gore’s song before tweeting her little heart out.

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