This is how safe you are …..

‘Naked in the world of COVID’: Some J&J vaccine recipients feel unprotected against delta and want mRNA shots

I always ask; who can we believe or trust in government; never getting a senseable answer or any at all.

‘Naked in the world of COVID’: Some J&J vaccine recipients feel unprotected against delta and want mRNA shots

It has not been a big secret in the medical field that J & J’s vaccine for Covid is substandard, at best only 70% effective. Yet the government continues to keep it on the market, not giving a shit about the safety of the public. My old and consistent contention; IT IS ALWAYS ABOUT THE DEAD PRESIDENTS, $$$$$. Taking it off the market could cost all the PLAYERS billions.

Now, because J J’s vaccine is 3rd rate, they are suggesting if the people that received it may need to get a booster shot from one of the other manufacturers, BETTER YET, having no idea if the mixing of the 2 different shots will have an adverse effect on the recipients. Typical – typical – typical. How can we make sense out of anything that is conducted by the government?? We can’t.

Public Trust in Government: 1958-2021 | Pew Research Center › … › Trust in Government

May 17, 2021 — Currently, 36% of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents say they can trust government, compared with 9% of Republicans and Republican- …
Americans’ Views of Government: Low Trust, but Some … › … › Trust in Government

Sep 14, 2020 — Today, 20% say they trust the government. While the share of Republicans who trust the government has increased during Trump’s time as president …

It is a shame that all of our lives depend on the fools we have running the government, never know what or what not to believe. If these peoples jobs depended on their proficiency; they would never make it until lunch time.

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