Politics and the liberal left have blinders on ….

Biden forges ahead where Trump and Obama failed on infrastructure and Afghanistan

I ALWAYS believe giving credit where credit is due. At the same time, I do not believe in trying to conceal ones mistakes by trying to overshadow them by ignoring their deficits/blunders they make. This is exactly what most news outlets are doing with J J.

If we stack up what J J has demolished against what he has accomplished, there is no comparison. Just the immigration crisis he created will far surpass any positive gains the country has gained.

How much does illegal immigration cost the US?

The mainstream media, predictably, started lamenting on how the price of avocados for American consumers may potentially increase a few cents, and completely ignored the $200 billion American taxpayers pay each year in illegal immigration costs.

The real cost of illegal immigration, and it’s not


Andddd, the price tag is going up everyday. There probably has not been a greater blunder in the history of the USA than the immigration crisis and it was all contrived because the lefters (Biden’s bosses) could not get over PDT kicking their (CHC) ass in the 2016 election. Folks, that is all what this get back boils down to.

I acknowledge that J J is making an effort to do some good for the country with his infrastructure initiative; but many of the blunders he is making is going to, in the long run, hurt/destroy our country for years to come.


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