Next, they will be calling #TMC a #racist …..

Meghan Markle ‘desperately wanted’ to attend Obama’s birthday bash, author claims

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry weren’t invited to the Diamond jubilee

As the old sayings go : Out of site – out of mind. It is not who you were yesterday, it is who you are today. The relationships in those phony social circles are very fragile. One day they are on top of the A LIST and the next day they are cleaning out the bilges in the hold of a ship with a teaspoon.

Cargo Residues in Hold Bilge Systems | Officer of the Watch

I guess Harry and M&M (more M&M) thought they could have it BOOF ways; being treated like a royal when they no longer are, by their choice. It has gotta be a giant defeat to her ego, like a pin stuck into M&M’s fantasy balloon, waking up to reality seeing that her scheme to be the belle of the ball did not workout exactly the way she wanted it to. MEGHAN WHO!!!

M&M should have taken a play out of OPRAH’s play book. After all HARPO did to help TMC get over the top in his first election, they shit canned her – kicked her to the curb when it came time to put her name on the A LIST of people invited to TMC’s inaugural shindig.

Oprah Winfrey: This time, absent from the Obama inauguration … › post › 2013/01/17

Jan 18, 2013 — Aides dismiss any notion of a falling-out. Winfrey gave $75,800 to the Obama Victory Fund last year. And she and Michelle dined together in …

I guess Miss Michele was somewhat intimidated by the billionaire TV celeb and worried HER MAN may wander/go astray.

NOOOO; contrary to what they wanted the public to believe, they were not migliori amiche.

SOOOO, M&M should not feel too slighted if she and Harry were not invited to TMC’s birthday bash. Meghan Who???

I hear, there are rumors circulating in the INNER CIRCLE, M&M maybe calling TMC a racist???? We all know how accurate rumors are.

I hope this does not push the POOR THING over the edge.

Meghan Markle Admits She Considered Suicide: ‘I Just Didn’ › meghan-markle-suicide-opr…

Meghan Markle Admits She Considered Suicide: ‘I Just Didn’t Want To Be Alive Anymore’ … In Meghan Markle’s tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey Sunday night, …

Wanna buy some swampland??

Come on girl; take a look at where you came from and where you are today. You won’t take the bridge anymore than Francis will not convert to Judaism!! Appreciate what you have.

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