Is it #Lightfoot or #Light-in-the-head???

As they should of, Chicago #cops #turn #their #backs to Mayor #Lightfoot at hospital after #two #officers #shot

The buck has to stop at the top and Lighthead is sitting in Chicago’s top seat.

WTF are the voters going to get the message, get their heads out of the ass by quit electing crackpots like this piece of work?? It seems that the vast majority of the cities that are being blasted by the rioters, having the most crime, causing the cop that are left the biggest ass-aches, are all socio-dumb-o-craticly run cities. What does it take for the people in command to realize what they are doing or not doing is not working; OOOOR is this part of the MASTER PLAN to create havoc for their end game???

If looks can tell the tale; I don’t want to be a real ballbuster, BUTT this broad is scary looking enough for me to leave her square empty on the voting ballot. I never looked that bad even after a 10 bender.

It is so important that the administration and the cops work together; it may be the first criteria for a successfully run city. That is not happening in many places around the country. Take a look and see which cities are having the most problems.

Roll the tape: Republicans release video of all the times Democrats wanted  to 'defund the police' | Fox News
What tale does this map tell the fools that run them.

The ignorance of these cities leaders has not limits/boundries. It will not be too long down this #dirty-defunding of the cops road where the cities will be left cop-less. ANDDD, than what; will they be looking for #federal-aid to bail their #sorry-ass out. If I held the purse strings, I would tell them what Josephine would say. Vafongoll; you made your bed now sleep in it.

va fongool by dreadreas22 on DeviantArt

Look at what this nitwit Lighthead had to say: “There are some who say we do not do enough for the police and that we are handcuffing them from doing their jobs. There are others who say we do too much for the police and that we never hold them accountable for what they do, particularly in Black and brown neighborhoods,”  

If she (or he) would look out her front window or read the news, it would have the answer.

In case these fools do not know; running any business successfully, especially a government; it takes everyone to work toward the same goal in harmony. Pulling in the opposite directions does nothing BUTT stretch the rope.

WAKE UP DUMMIE, before you have no cities left. Most fools only make the same mistake 5 times; they never quit.

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