Finally; nowhere to run – nowhere to hide ….

From Fox News – Time’s Up chairwoman resigns amid backlash for effort to aid Cuomo, discredit one of his accusers

Time’s Up chairwoman resigns amid backlash for effort to aid Cuomo, discredit one of his accusers

The deck is really getting stacked higher and higher against Andy The Mauler. He has nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.

Like I said about the Cos (AKA Mr. Huxtible). 5 maybe – 10 unlikely – 20 really stretching it; BUTT 60, GMAFB Hux. They cannot be all bullshitting.

Same O – same O for (ATM) Andy The Mauler. All of his accusers cannot be Gold Digging tramps. As of a few days ago, there were 11 women that are putting the Malocchio on the soon to be x-governor.

Vafangool Andy – you-some-a-bitch – act like a man and admit your guilt

Recently, one of the accusers claims the Horny Toad ATM reached down her blouse and grabbed a hand full of her hooters. If it was this one incident only, it is enough to throw the bum through the backdoor.

It is about time the authorities quit messing around with ATM and put the blocks to him for his misconduct. He has been beating the system for years, hiding behind the Cuomo name.

No women deserves to be forced into anything she does not want to do. Not even a hooker.

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Gotta be the toughest occupation out there, never knowing what kind of freak is around the corner.

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