Whatever happened to this once beautiful, safe country ???

On one side of the coin, depending on who you talk to (liberal or conservative), it is a very hard question to answer. On the other side of the coin, it is pretty simple to answer.

It all starts out with the loss of family structures. No father figure, the mother may be a hooker, either one of them, if they are around are dope head, many family members are in prison, there is no one at home to keep the kids in line, they get involved with the wrong crowds, weak government, excessive political correctness, over the top liberalism, power of authority taken away from the good cops, twisted educational systems warping the kids minds, unholy religious organizations, organizations that were meant to help develop kids characters (example, Olympics, BSA) are doing the opposite, I can go on for hours.

All of these elements, individually or combined, all spell trouble. In the last 40 years this country started to go down the tubes because of these growing negativities.

Society on the whole was not meant to, or can function properly without some degree of discipline, control or organization. The end result is what we are seeing today. There has to be an amicable cord struct between philosophies and methods of governing to keep control and have a safe functional society. Any fool can see the down side of the MODERN way of governing. The handwriting is on the wall. Has the NEW WAY worked or been successful?? Not from where I sit. The more liberal, free running government and mentality toward socialism becomes, the worse the outcome will be.

No one can convince me that a disciplined and well structured society is not more successful than a liberal free for all where there are few rules and everyone is allowed to run hog wild.

Read some of the headline for today and then tell me liberalism is working:

City’s force turns out en masse after 1 officer killed, another critically wounded

Search on for ex-caretaker after elderly woman’s remains found in concrete

New York congresswoman says Cuomo must resign and face prosecution

Calls for top Biden official to be impeached intensify as raging border crisis worsens, sparking new fears

Rising Republican calls out news station’s ‘outrageously sexist’ coverage

Maher says left’s push to defund police ‘will get people killed’ — and that’s not all

Colleagues urge Democrat to resign after bombshell sex misconduct charge

Home invasion horror: Police hunting for armed men suspected of beating, robbing several victims

Park in big city seeing rampant drug use as reports from nervous neighbors soar

A massive motorcycle rally rumbles into South Dakota. Attendees should stay outside, health experts say.

A Black realtor was showing a home to a Black father and son. They were handcuffed by Michigan police

Arizona state lawmaker faces calls for resignation after arrest on child sexual abuse charges


Where is this type of governing going to lead the USA?? I say not to a good place. The longer the fools that run this country allow this type of behavior, the worse it it get and the more out of control it become.

There are millions of American that live in the suburbs in what they think is a safe-haven and far from the mayhem in the inner cities. They better not get too comfortable. Before too long, if left uncheck and out of controlled, the lawlessness will be knocking on their front doors. Especially in the cities where defunding the cops has become fashionable.

Before too long, cities are going to be hard pressed in putting together a police force. I hope before that happens, the fools in charge will see the errors of their stupidity and do what they have to to bring back law and order back to this country. At this point, it is certainly out of control and getting worse by the day.

This is what these animals have been allowed to get away with.

Image result for cops being fireball

Lady Liberty is having a breakdown and needs everyone’s support.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is lady-liberty-11.jpg

A word to the wise should be sufficient. WISE being the key word; the longer this country remains out of control, the harder it will be to reign it back in.

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