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The ‘Cuomo Prime Time’ host was also swept up in the NY AG’s damning report on his brother

I am the 1st one to say that no one; no one is/should be held responsible for sins or actions any of their family members committed or made yesterday or 250 years ago. (You know like the inception of slave trading)

On the other hand, this Cuomo circus is a unique situations where Andy the Mauler (governor of NY) has multiple sexual abuse allegations against him and his younger brother Chris is a news anchor with a very liberal news agency CNN.

Based on those special circumstances, IT IS Chris’s responsibility WHEN ON DUTY to answer questions TRUTHFULLY about his brothers actions if asked while wearing the CNN jacket.

There is evidence that Chris is trying to do the old cover-up routine for his brother and has even written some of the responses Andy should give when being grilled on his abuse activities.

That certainly does not say too much for the news anchor and his regard for the female population.

Cristina Cuomo Corona Protocol, Week 3 - The Purist

I always go back to the my sticking point and ask; what if one of the victims were a member of their families??

On top of it; Andy has daughters that are at a similar age as some of his alleged victims. (You know, just like Wild Bill Clinton) where his starry eyed victim was only a few years older than his own daughter. That alone should have been a red flag for the oversexed fools.

Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky Scandal—Timeline of Key Moments | Time

Chris is doing what Chris should be doing, taking time off, away from the spot light/cameras so he does not put himself in a compromising position and get caught with his metaphorical pants down. He is not his brothers keeper.

Caught with your pants down" means "to be found in an embarrassing  situation". Example: I drank too much at our work par… | English idioms,  Idioms, English phrases

The best thing Chris can do is SAY NOTHING or say he does not have an opinion.

Silence is golden | Vocabulary | EnglishClub

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