It is #about-time the man made #sense ….

BARACK OBAMAPublished 14 hours ago

Former Obama official calls for unvaccinated to be put on ‘no-fly list’

Former Assistant Secretary for Homeland Security Juliette Kayyem wrote that ‘flying is not a right’

Wow – I made sense for once

Good suggestion from TMC – but like a cullender, there are too many holes is in it.

What is a Colander? (with pictures)

Where ever there is a #dirty #buck to be made; the #cockroaches come #crawling out from under the woodwork.

  1. Scammers are selling fake COVID-19 vaccination cards … 09, 2021 · Fraudsters selling fake vaccine cards online 01:12. Criminals are looking to cash in on the U.S. immunization push against COVID-19 by selling forgeries of government-issued ” vaccination record …

I do agree with Obama; BUTT putting the law into practical application is another story.

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