Ask and you shall receive ……


Joe Biden’s Shameless COVID Hypocrisy

Status is reachableLorraine Woodwark• 1stMy personal Opinions. We are the only Voice in Court Protecting both the U.S. Constitution and USA’s Federal Immigration Laws. Also on Rumble, Signal, and Telegram. More to Come.21h • 21 hours ago

Shameless! Since January 2021, Biden Administration has done the opposite of helping Americans, businesses, the economy and protecting the United States. Instead, Biden and his Administration have favored Illegal Aliens (term written by Congress) to the detriment of Americans. The latest vaccine push, COVID testing, and mask “mandates” are applied to Americans while hordes of Illegal Aliens storm our southern border without any such requirements. Americans also see the “elite” and politicians without masks who demand you Obey their rules while the same doesn’t apply to them. Have we really become content watching our liberties and freedoms being thrown away because the school yard bullies are now in charge of America? Where is the outcry? The U.S. government was designed to work for Americans: not the other way around. What say you? #dhs#homelandsecurity#americafirst#safetysolutions#safetyandsecurity#bluecollarjobs

There used to be a TV show years back named YOU ASKED FOR IT ….

WELL …….. You buy a cheap suit, the arms fall off.

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