What has taken them so long ….

Liz Peek: Biden’s great slip and slide — Americans now doubt his honesty, empathy and leadership

Democrats know they are in trouble

J J was and is just a half-assed politician who has been mooching off of the government for over 50 years, that was never qualified or really interested in becoming the president. He was the only fool they could find to be the sacrificial lamb that would be the front-man for Car-mella to side into the presidency.

If anyone is convinced he was the most suited for the job; they are smoking too much weed. Do you mean to tell me; out of all the democratic in the party, J J was the most qualified??? Bull-shit. He was just a very big cog in THE MASTER PLAN WHEEL for the far left socialist to take over and get the 1st female black president sitting in The Big Chair.

I do not think it will be too far down that dirty road where they put the plan into action and put the guy in a straight jacket. He is a total embarrassment to himself, and even more to the country. How long will they tolerate his constant gaffes and screw-ups before they drop the guillotine??

As the old saying goes; we only get what we pay for.

Biden Approval Drops to 50%, Lowest for Him to Datehttps://news.gallup.com › poll › biden-approval-drops-lo..

.Jul 23, 2021 — President Joe Biden’s approval rating has slipped to 50%, marking the first meaningful change in his term. ANDDDDD, the other 50% are family members, people he owes money to and some of Hunter’s dope suppliers.

Tell me; beside trying to get a bill passed for infrastructure renovations/improvements, what else has he done BUTT made a fool out of himself and a disgrace to the country.

We don’t even want to mention his parenting skills.

I really want to be fair with the guy, BUTT there is nothing I can see that merits any hand clapping.

Someone asks me about religion, if I believe or not. My answer is; give me something to believe in and I will believe.

What is in the center of these donuts???

Rest my case

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