Makes a man wonder ….

Obama plans ‘big’ 60th birthday party in Martha’s Vineyard as threats of delta variant continue

Former President Barack Obama turns 60 on Aug. 4

Gotta wonder who is springing for tab. I will bet all the $oldi I have buried in The Back 40; it sure AIN’T TMC.

The shindig is supposed is to be held at the Obamas’s newly purchased digs. Their modest purchase cost them (or changes are better someone else) somewhere in the neighborhood of 17 million clams. Not bad for a his family that supposedly has a distain for the wealthy.

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TMC speaks with forked tongue

I guess the saying; can’t have it BOTH ways, does not apply to the ex-president. When AXED what side his bread is buttered on, his response was; It does not matter, I eat both sides anyway.

I would send a card, BUTT the cost of stamps just went up again.

Forever stamps currently cost 55 cents, and their price would rise to 58 cents in August as well. But the “forever” in their name means that even after an August price rise, a single Forever stamp you paid 55 cents for will still send a one-ounce letter to any U.S. address.

The post off can raise the stamps to 10.00$ each and it not make any difference. They have been bankrupt for decades.

How much does the USPS owe? At the end of 2019, the GAO calculated that the Postal Service had $160.9 billion in debt, $119.3 billion of which came from retiree benefits. The mandate to prepay employees’ retirement and health-care benefits is an obligation held by few other government agencies, let alone private companies. Apr 15, 2020

Naturally they want to put the jacket on the retirees and not their poor planning. Ask what they are doing to circumvent the problem?? Nothing but raise the cost of a stamp.

The name of the game for politicians financial problems; is not to cut the fat, there is plenty of it, but print more dead presidents and raise taxes.

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