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Howard Safir: If criminals don’t fear police they will commit crimes

Has anyone ever heard the saying; fear and respect go hand in hand??? I have been screaming that from the top of my soap box for years, BUTT the fools do not listen.

When are you MOTHERS going to start paying attention???

Former NYC police Commissioner Howard Safir warns the country is going back to the ‘bad old days’ with latest policing measures. Mr. Safir is saying the same thing I have been for years. If the criminals do not fear the police (fear and respect go hand in hand) and do not receive any severe consequences for their actions, what prevents them from committing the crimes?? Nothing.

The politicians and fools wearing the black robes make it so appealing for the criminal to commit the crimes, why should they worry about being caught or doing jail time.

When did we ever think it would be tolerated for some bastards to throw fire bombs at cops and not have to pay the price.

Why is it Google will not carry these graphic pictures?? I got them from Bing.
So you wanna be a cop!!

In my opinion; in the very near future, cities will be hard pressed to put together a police force because of their liberal/sympathetic stand for the criminals and the defunding of the police departments. This is another huge step in aiding to the destruction of this country. The other side is working very hard on their game plan and in some situations are winning the war.

WAKE UP AMERICA – The politicians are cutting the grass while their house is burning.

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