Does anyone like it?? Hell no; but, IFFFFFFF …..

Only a fool keeps tempting the devil. In most cases, the devil always wins.

White House, Dems push for new mask mandates even though infection data varies widely across US

By refusing to wear a mask indoors, we are tempting the devil. IFFFF and I say IFFFFF the authorities are right about the new spread of Covid 19 and other strains of the virus; I say IFFFF they are right (they bullshit so much we never know when the take them seriously) I would say it is in the best interest of all Americans to wear their masks while indoors even of the person has received their 2 shots.

We can call it; between a rock and a hard place. IFFFFF they are right and we don’t wear the mask we are screwed. If they are wrong and we do not wear the masks, at least we took the JUST INCASE measures as co-operating Americans should.

I said it a few months ago when the decision to wear masks was lifted, we should continue for a few more months as a precaution because most people were getting used to them. Now that we were given the green light to go without the masks, it is going to be 10 times more difficult to get everyone back on track.

It is not beyond the realm of possibilities that these virus are here to stay. In my opinion, wearing a mask is a small price to pay IFFFFFF and I say IFFFFFF that is the case.

I asked a doctor once if the medication I was taking was doing me any good. He had a VERY GOOD answer. Stop taking it and find out. What more can be said.

Whether we agree or not; all of mankind is in this fight together. We are ALL brother and sister through injection. We all bleed red blood and we all need the other ones support. It is a shame that there are a few rebels that do not want to get the vaccinated that are infecting one another and making our situation much worse and linger on.

By getting the vaccination for C-19 we are making it more difficult for the new virus to take a foot hold. Wearing the mask has been proven to a great asset in combating these killers. We all should cooperate.

There can be many reasons why some do not want get the shot and I can’t blame them. IFFFF it were not for the fact that our politicians are so dishonest and can not be trusted, IFFF it were not for the fact that 10 different scientist have 12 different opinions, IFFFF all of these IFFFF’s did not exist, I believe that 95% of the people would be willing to get shot up.

We are all between a rock and a hard place. BUTT in the log run, as a matter of common-sense and safety precaution, consideration for our fellow man, we should all get the shots IFFFFF the IFFFF is for real.

Old Italian saying; un grammo di protezione vale una libbra di cura.

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure: Ransomware Prevention –  Zunesis
By Benjamín Frankilino

Be smart and be a team player. Do we have to like it?? Hell no BUTT the alternative is not a good one, IFFFFFFFFFFFFFF …….

Did I say; I asked a doctor once if the medication I was taking was doing me any good. He had a VERY GOOD answer. Stop taking it and find out.

That about sums it up.

GOP Doctors: Biden Not Disclosing Whether Border Crossers Are Being Tested for Coronavirus

President Joe Biden’s administration is not disclosing whether or not the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is testing border crossers for the Chinese coronavirus even as the federal government increases vaccine, lockdown, and masking pressure on American citizens, the GOP Doctors Caucus writes.

POST SCRIPT: IFFFFFF our own president is talking out of both sides of his mouth by allowing illegals to cross the boarder, shipped them off to all parts of the country, not vaccinated, why the hell should anyone pat attention to the mandates????

This may be a predicament that has no simple answer. J J is doing the exact opposite of what he is asking the American people to do.

It simply does not make sense. True leaders lead by example. SOOOOO far, J J (Jokin Joe) has done a poor job of being a leader. Never ask a person to do what you would not do.

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