Hunter Biden’s wife spotted being driven to Malibu Starbucks by Secret Service

The couple receives 24-hour Secret Service protection


You mean to tell me, the government has nothing better to blow it’s $olid on than having a Secret Service agent driving around The Hunter’s wife to get her morning fix of caffeine??

The Hunter Boy is probably too busy hustling off those 10th rate pieces of trash he calls artwork to get his old lady a cup of JOE.

The fools that buy the trash that he calls artwork are gonna wake up some morning when JJ is no longer in the big seat and find out the paintings are not worth shit.

I am sure that J J loves his kid; butt he is too dense to realize the harm he has done. Every-time the kid fell down, J J was there to pick him up and cover for him. Not the recipe in raising a kid. They have to learn how to deal with their bumps and bruises on their own. When their parents are no longer there to dust them off; they are completely lost and helpless. ;

There are some incorrigibles that can not be straightened out no matter what a parent does. In that case, if the kids are that bad and become criminals; the parents have to let them serve the time, so possibly they will straighten themselves out. Good parenting should have a lot of TOUGH LOVE attached to it.

I never forget the black lady that grabbed her kid by the ears and dragged him away from the rioting in Baltimore, I will bet all $oldi I have; that kid later thanked his mom and turned out to be a decent person.

Angry mom grabs son off street amid Baltimore riot - YouTube
Angry mom grabs son off street amid Baltimore riotWatch
Uploaded by: CBS This Morning, Apr 28, 2015

My hat is definitely off to that great mother and lady. This is an example of what good parent do.


J J ; take a good lesson from this lady. If you would have kicked the shit out of your kid a few time when he was coming up, he would not be in the predicaments he is in. You are the person most responsible for this kid turning out to be a bum. Let me throw in; a poor artist.

The Buck Stops on your desk.

Tell your daughter-in-law to get her own coffee. I am sure the government can find something more constructive to do for one of our finest the Secret Service Agent.

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