Shoveling shit into the wind ….

vaccinated Americans must wear masks while infected migrants released into TX towns

Border Patrol has reportedly been releasing infected migrants into rural Texas towns

While all Americans are again being mandated to wear mask in many areas; J J (Jokin Joe) and his crew are shoveling shit into the wind. When we shovel shit into the wind, it just comes back and hits us in the face.

J J and company have been clandestinely (or he thought) shipping illegals all over the country by truck, bus, train and airlines because the boarder town can not handle them. These bleeding hearted fools have more regard for illegals than they do the citizens of this country. WHY are they deliberately being so irrational you AXE?? ONLY for one reason, to spite Donald Trump.

If Trump was thinking before he left office; he should have opened the gates at all the boarders towns and put up a big WELCOME sign. Than as soon as Biden took over, he would have closed the boarders to spite PDT.

Where the hell is the logic of this administration?? There isn’t any. I have always maintained, a good leader or head of a family ALWAYS takes care of his own first before helping others. Never feed your neighbor while you family is starving.

Much of the progress we have made fighting Mr. Corona is going down tubes by our citizens being exposed to infected illegal immigrants; thus we have (shoveling shit into the the wind); it is being blown back in our face.

When are AXED their logic behind their moves, J J and company gets a hair up their ass (indignant/insulted) and refuse to answer the questions. How dare anyone AXE a logical question like that.

White House principal deputy press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre declined to directly answer a question as to how the Biden administration justifies asking vaccinated Americans to wear masks while the Border Patrol releases coronavirus infected migrants into Texas border towns 

There is a very big price to be paid over the socialist/democrats playing THE GET BACK GAME trying to get even with Trump. Their ignorance and stupidity is costing the country big time in so many ways, only get worse as time goes on. The financial and physical costs associated with these GET BACK blunders will be felt for years to come. Shame on them.

The new Ship of Fools

The Ship of Fools: an early printing sensation |

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