Seattle mayor calls for more police after six shootings in one weekend

Mayor Jenny Durkan said Seattle lost 250 officers over the past 17 months

Seattle like many other ultra-liberal cities that thought it would be a great idea to cut the funding for their police departments, is now feeling the inevitable ASS BITE that goes along with irrational. STUPID decision making.

As hard as I try to understand some of the idiotic moved these liberal fools make; I find it impossible. There is no rhyme, reason or common-sense attached to their ignorance.

Can we say they get what they deserve?? Absolutely, only problem, many law-abiding citizens have suffered because of the incompetence of these governing fools’. They are unfit to hold their positions of authority.

Is it fair to say; because of their lack of good judgement there has been billions of dollars of destruction – thousands of people injured and multiple deaths. In my opinion, that constitutes gross neglect and should have consequences attached. I made a mistake does not cut it.

It is a real shame that conditions have to get as bad as they are before the light of common-sense goes on. These cities are going to have a very difficult time rebuilding their police forces, if they can do it at all. No one in their right mind would accept a job where they are totally unprotected because of the ignorance of a few brain dead politicians that have never been in the line of fire personally.

BUTTTTTTT; this is how these hypocritical bastards protect themselves after the defunded their police forces.

Talk about the #two-faced Three #Stooges …..

Posted on 07/27/2021 by The Goomba Gazette      1 Vote

Despite efforts to defund police, these Democrat-led cities spent millions on private security for mayors

Bill de Blasio, Lori Lightfoot, London Breed are among the beneficiaries of the taxpayer-funded security details

Mary – Curly and Shmow

Where is sanity in this country?? How can these fools be stopped from destroying the country while ONLY protecting themselves??

Better get a grip on it folks. All of the FREE – FREE – FREE bull shit they sling at you at election time just for the vote is just that

Once they have their foot in the door, they go on their personal rampages.

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