The #Indians gave up their #Wigwam and #dignity …..

even Cleveland Guardians??? The name sounds like shit. What the hell are they guarding???

Just another 2nd rate team that dropped their drawers for the P C Police.

Cleveland Indians changing name to Cleveland Guardians … › 2021/07/23 › cleveland-major-lea…1

9 hours ago — The Cleveland Indians are changing their name next season to the Cleveland Guardians, the Major League Baseball club announced Friday …

The only thing the fools have not done (so far) is to supply the far-left, socialists, P C,  anti American groups with Vaseline while the country is bending over complying with every outrageous demand they make. The capitulating fools do not understand; once you give something up (freedom) you never can get it back!!

Back when people had their sanity, it was an honor to have a sports team or other organization named after a person or people. 

What really bothers me; not the PC-ers; it is the imbeciles that comply with every demand they make. Whatever happened to the backbone of this country.

How many people out there are saluting the Black Anthem?? Talk about capitulating worms!!

There should never be any anthem honored at any sporting event except the American Nations Anthem.

End of story.

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