Why investigate …..

Jeffrey Epstein’s death: Suicide or murder?

New book ‘Perversion of Justice: The Jeffrey Epstein Story’ is out Tuesday


For the life of me, I cannot ever get over why certain crimes are investigated. The government spends millions or possibly billions of dollars trying to find out who put scumbag 6 feet under. Is there really any logical purpose behind it?? If convicted BEYOND/110% CERTAINY a reasonable doubt, they should be executed that very day.

In my opinion, the same thing applies two investigating the killing of gang bangers and terrorists. The killers of these scumbags are doing society a favor by ridding society of them. I say that there should be a special award given to them.

Anyone that does not believe Jeffrey Epstein was set up and killed let me know; I still have some prime swampland in Louisiana I would like to get rid of.

New book focuses on hulking, ex-cop and convicted killer, who was put in Jeffrey Epstein’s cell: ‘Reasons that remain unexplained'
TARTAGLIONE: Two things I hate – Cold pasta and child molesters

Nicholas Tartaglione, a hulking ex-cop facing the death penalty on federal murder and drug charges, was Epstein’s cellmate. Tartaglione, 51, reportedly would not cooperate with authorities after Epstein’s death.  

What the hell did Nicky Boy have to loose?? He was already sentenced to death. They can not kill the guy twice; so why not be the hero.

Odd as it seems; some criminals, as bad as they are, have an overwhelming distain and detest child molesters. So was it reasonable to say that Epinburger was killed because he was a degenerate child abuser?? I say positively yes.

I can just imagine that Epinburger did not have one second of peace or one minute of sleep while he and Tartaglione shared a cell. Bet he slept on his back.

I say the authorities should give Nick a special award for ridding society of Epinburger.

Immediate execution is the best and cheapest way to take out the garbage. Possibly the authorities will assign Larry Nassar a similar cellmate so he can share the same destiny. Could not happen to a more deserving low-life.

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