Bending over too far………

NFL 2021 season will include Black national anthem, social justice messages again: report

‘Lift Every Voice and Sing’ was played during Week 1 games and Super Bowl during 2020 season

Anyone that supports the NFL is a fool. How about the Hungarian national anthem, how about the German national anthem, how about the Italian national anthem, how about the Greek national anthem, how about the Jewish national anthem, how about the Swiss national anthem. GMAFB

These liberal mothers are taking the concessions of this black cause to absolute extremes. Equal opportunity has never been better for the black community in America as they are now. BUTT; the old story is, life, respect and liberty have to be earned, not given.

There is no doubt in my mind the black race has been severely abused in the past. My heart breaks every time I see news clipping related to their plight; just as I do when I see Holocausts tapes. No human being should have to endure what some of them were subjected to. It should have never happened. Ironically; their own people played a big part in slavery.

To be force-fed as we are into totally changing our way of life to appease a very small percentage of Americans should be totally unacceptable, no matter what race or nationality they are. This is supposed to be United States of America, not just the United States of Black People.

Will kneeling by white people be acceptable when their anthem plays????????

Let us ALL get on a level playing field.


There are so many issues on both sides of the fence that need to be corrected. In the black community, the crime rate that seems to be to root of the chaos. No crime, no need for cops – no cops – no abuse. By giving into any sector of society’s demands, it is like we are being held hostage, I think is counter productive and dangerous. Once you give it up , you never get it back. Where the hell is this ever going to end??

Message from, Roger The Dodger Goodell: “Without Black players, there would be no National Football League and the protests around the country are emblematic of the centuries of silence, inequality and oppression of Black players, coaches, fans and staff. We are listening, I am listening, and I will be reaching out to players who have raised their voices and others on how we can improve and go forward for a better and more united NFL family.”

Message for Goodell: Roger; you may start by giving your job to a black man if that will make you feel better. After all; you have been milking the goat for many years and doing very little.

NFL: Roger Goodell to go without salary amid coronavirus … › sports › nfl › 2020/04/29

Apr 29, 2020 — Goodell, who earns approximately $4-5 million in salary and whose total annual compensation is $40 million, went to the compensation …

Don’t you feel embarrassed for making as much as you do when there are people living under bridges??

Listen up fools of the NFL: The resolution too racial harmony is not giving the store away and bending over at every turn; it is a matter of all races working together for a common goal. Giving into demands such as reparation and other nonsense, that no person living today had anything to do with, is totally bull-shit.

I have said this repeatedly. The owners of the NFL are nothing but a bunch of spoiled rotten, pampered billionaires that have no backbone. If the black community thinks that the NFL has any use for their causes, they are sorely mistaken. All they give a shit about are ticket sales and 12.00$ a beer. They are pathetic.

The black community for decades has made an issue about favoritism for the whites, now they are turning the tides and expect society to be geared totally around them. That is not the way it is suppose to work. Many of them do not want equality, they want dominance and fools like the NFL are playing right into their hands.

Speaking for myself; I have never been prejudice. I have ALWAYS treated others as they have treated me, no matter what color their skin was. Why should I or anyone else have to capitulate to such unreasonable demands??

The National Anthem of the USA is for all American citizens, conversely the Black National anthem is only for the black people. Is that equality???

If advancements are ever going to be made, the rules should be the same for all Americans.

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