#Sorry is #not #good #enough ……

Ohio hospital gives #wrong #patient a #kidney, employees placed on leave

The patient meant to receive the kidney had their surgery delayed

Being the average waiting time for a kidney transplant is 3 – 5 years; I have to assume the person that was skipped over is #highly #pissed off.

How is it possible that University Hospital gave the wrong person a kidney?? Medical mistakes happens everyday, possibly not as drastic as a kidney transplant, BUTT medical mistakes are quite common. The icing on the cake is; in most cases the hospitals still send out a bill .

Heather Mekesa, the COO of an organ procurement organization in northeast Ohio, told WKYC that type of mistake is rare. 

DAMAGE CONTROL: “This is not the norm, I’d say 99.99 percent of the time, everything does go well,” she told the station. “In the last two decades, this has not occurred in Ohio. This was a very unfortunate and not a great incident to occur but it shouldn’t deter people who want to help others through the gift of organ donation.”

As far as I am concerned (if you believe it), a 99% track record is not good enough. If the hospitals were not so caught up in their bottom line, making the big $$$$, slowing down a little as not to make mistakes, these negligent incident would not happen.

The kidney thing is crazy mistake, BUTT cutting off the wrong leg as happened to a man in Austria gets the top prize. How do they explain this one.

An 82-year-old Austrian man was due to have his left leg amputated above the knee this week, but due to “human error,” his right leg was amputated instead. … And following the hospital’s mistake, the man still needed to have the other leg removed. May 22, 2021

How frequent are medical mistakes?? Diagnostic error is a potential challenge for virtually all medical specialties. The overall misdiagnosis rate is approximately 10% to 15%. Diagnostic error is the most common, with coronary atherosclerosis frequently missed. Aortic disease, such as an aneurysm and dissection, can also be misdiagnosed.

I know that it is a very tough racket to be in, BUTT that is why they make the big bucks. There should be no mistakes whatsoever.

Not many, BUTT the arrogance in the medical community is over the top. I saw a movie with Alec Baldwin where he played a high flying doctor. One of his lines in the movies was; I AM GOD!! That is the mentality of some doctors’ they think they can walk on water and are infallible until …..

In my opinion, the nurses are the backbone of the medical community. My experiences, I give them at least a 90% thumbs up.

It is up to the patient to be proactive and use good common-sense when choosing a SAW BONES. Do no take things at face value. If what the doctor is telling you does not make sense, follow your gut. Depending, 2nd and 3rd opinions are in order, depending on how critical the issues are.

Valuable tip: If you or someone close to you is going to have an amputation (hopefully not) use a MAGIC MARKER and mark the appendage that is supposed to be removed. Do leave anything to chance.

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