From Fox News – Chicago gang members outnumber cops 10 to 1 as crime spike reaches fever pitch

Chicago gang members outnumber cops 10 to 1 as crime spike reaches fever pitch

Chicago mass shootings fall just hours apart, creating morning horror show

Shootings in the city this year through Sunday jumped 11% compared to the same time frame in 2020.

So they want to defund or shit can the cops??? F-in brilliant. Where the hell do al the far-lefters think all of this is going to end?? I would love to see some of them be directly on the receiving end of this violence. Possibly they would have a change of heart.

I have made this comparison many times before. Years ago when the drug cartels start building their home bases in Mexico; the Mexican government ignored them, thought they could control them and believed in time they would peter out and go away. As we all know; that is not how it played out. In many parts of the country, the cartels have total control of the cities they operate in. They are better financed and more heavily armed than the cops. Shades of Chicago.

I really don’t know if it’s too late to take control back. I doubt it. They have become to well armed, wealthier and more powerful. The old cliche, nipping it in the bud sure would have been the right way to go way back when. Because of the crooked government officials that get their weekly envelope and turned a blind eye the liberal governments we see the end result.. If the lawlessness is not contained (it doesn’t look like it) Chicago is going to or is in the same sinking boat with Mexico.

When that happens, the thugs will spread their operations into the suburbs. Gotta give the cops the support they need to try and gain the upper hand. No country – state or city can successfully operate under these conditions.

Pay me now or pay me later. Ask some of the Mexican citizens what they think of their living conditions.

Mexico’s plunge into lawlessness | The Seattle Times › opinion › mexicos-plunge-…

Nov 7, 2019 — In Mexico, all the legs of the stool are cracked. Prisons are out of control. Municipal authorities cower before the cartels. The “impunity rate” …
How dangerous is Mexico? – BBC News › world-latin-america-50315470

Feb 18, 2020 — Mexico’s murder rate has been on the rise but how dangerous is the country for residents and visitors?
Corruption in Mexico – Wikipedia › wiki › Corruption_in_Mexico

Corruption in Mexico has permeated several segments of society – political, economic, and … administration exacerbated Mexico’s violence and organized crime, adding human rights violations to the border’s climate of lawlessness. Anthony …‎PRI rule · ‎Organized Crime · ‎Border Issues · ‎Calderón administration

Don’t say it can not happen north of the boarder.

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