There are talkers and there are doers …..


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Rodney definitely is a doer

Happy Birthday – keep up the good work – there should be more people like you in this world. It would be a much better place – NOT only is Rodney a #generous#kind person, he is a #patriot.

You may know the story of Huntsville, AL’s Rodney Smith.

A few years back, Rodney started to mow the lawns of those in need… for free!

What started as a generous gift has turned into Raising Men And Women Lawn Care.

Rodney has mowed over 15,000 lawns at no charge for the elderly, the disabled, veterans and single moms.

He’s traveled the country on his own dime, giving back.

It really is an incredible venture.

Rodney also runs the Fifty Yard Challenge, where if older kids mow 50 yards during the summer they receive a mower, an edger and a blower.

Two days ago was Rodney’s birthday- yes, he was born on the Fourth Of July.

Let’s all wish our neighbor a happy birthday, and congratulate Rodney for his hard work.

*Picture courtesy Rodney Smith Twitter

A big #Semper #Fi to THE MAN

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