Car-mella, the queen of commonsense …

Kamala Harris slammed for claiming rural Americans can’t photocopy their IDs

The vice president tried to back her claim by saying rural communities don’t have Kinkos or OfficeMax

L.A. mansion dweller Harris hammered over remarks about rural America

Did Car-mella ever hear of cars or bikes ????? The more we hear from Carm, the more she fortifies my opinion on just how ignorant she is.

Hey Fellas, where is the nearest Kinko??

Car-Mella’s comments came in the midst of a nationwide battle over voter ID laws, with states like Georgia and Texas taking center stage. Many progressives argue that voter ID laws are “racist.”

What am I missing?? Because I am a little slow on the draw sometime; tell me how an ID Card can be racist?? The only thing that is really racist, is a racist.

There is one and only one reason these so-called progressives, I call them anti-American fools, do not want voters to have valid ID cards. If voter ID cards were mandatory, it would be a lot harder to commit fraud behind the curtain, not impossible, BUTT harder.

When their back is against the wall and they do not have an out; they always shout racism or sexual abuse, the two most hated labels on the planet. They have to come up with some new material, this racism bullshit is getting old and stinks to high heaven.

If everyone is on the up and up, and ID’s will cut down on voters fraud, what the hell is their objection; they may lose the election???

Get some new material fools.

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