Buying votes for the next go-round ….


Biden administration cancels additional $55.6 million in student debt

The Department of Education canceled an additional $55.6 million in student loan debt for 1,800 students who were victims of a for-profit college fraud, bringing the total amount of canceled student loan debt by the Biden administration to $1.5 billion. 

That’s how you get votes folks; by buying them.

Who do you think the recipients all those gifts are going to vote for next time we go to the polls regardless of the candidates qualifications??

The majority of politicians pull out all the stops when it comes to attracting voters, no matter how impossible they sound.

The democrats even tried to get a bill passed just before the last election to make it legal for 16 year old kids to vote. They promised them all a Hershey bar and a bag of grass at each election station. Thank goodness it never got off the ground.

People are not smart enough to know; 98% of all politicians promises are all HOT AIR and never come to fruition.

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