#Wolf #Tickets are #cheap …

Biden calls Putin and warns him for the SECOND TIME to deal with hackers and says there will be consequences if Russian cyber criminals attack the US again….

Big Question: OR WHAT???

If a person is NOT selling Wolf Tickets; at some point in time they are going to have to back up their threats. Lip service is cheap.

wolf ticket – Urban Dictionaryhttps://www.urbandictionary.com › define › term=wolf …

To tell a story or claim that is inherently false and has no chance of occurring. Stems from the boy who cried wolf, thus leading to wolf tickets being sold by the boy.

Street definition: I’m gonna kick your ass – I’m gonna kick your ass – I’m gonna kick your ass. And that is as far as it goes: Selling Wolf Tickets = empty threats.

BUTT, it is imperative that stone thrower be ABSOLUTELY sure that the accusations they are making are 110% accurate.

I don’t care who the person is, no one likes to be threatened

Am I supporting The Judo Guy?? Hell no, I am stating a fact of life.

One thing that slipped my mind. J J (Jokin Joe) has been a student of TMC for years. TMC (Obama) is/was The King of making threats (Selling Wolf Tickets). He did it for 8 years and look where it got this country.

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