Only a matter of time till the straight-jacket guys make their move …

Who’s Running The Country? The last guy being the most qualified.

It is becoming more and more evident that Joe Biden is failing. His gaffes are more frequent, his ability to remember the names of his cabinet is a challenge. So then who is running the nation?

I have done dozens of posts stating that J J was going to be the sacrificial lamb for the socio-dumba-ocratic party. He knew going in; at some point, the guys with the straitjackets would make a visit it the Casa Bianca and strap him up. He was willing to sacrifice his life or put his head on the chopping block and give ONE MORE FOR THE GIPPER.

Don’t fight it Joey

As it tuned out; the wheels are turning faster and it will not be too long before he relinquishes his seat to Car-Mella. It is all part of the MASTER PLAN to make Car-mella Harris the 1st female black president of the USA. They could not pull that off by running her for the top seat, so they came up with a brilliant/diabolical idea.

Heaven help the USA

Who’s Running The Country? The last guy being the most qualified.

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