Damned if you do- damned if you don’t ….

Boris Becker’s catching heat for calling tennis player’s fiancée ‘pretty’ during Wimbledon broadcast

And that was it. Arrows started being launched at Becker


In this crazy world we live in; some people are damned f they do and dammed if they don’t.

If a man compliments a lady and tell her how nice she looks, he is a chauvinist pig. If he ignores the lady and says nothing, she gets twice as pissed. Some ladies can’t make up their mind. Can’t have it both ways gals.

According to The Daily Mail, Boris Becker responded in an interview by staying: “They do say they have the most beautiful women in Hungary. I wouldn’t know that, but she’s certainly very pretty.”

That is all it took for some insecure, frustrated, nitwit, bimbos to get on their soap box, start ripping off their bras just to get some attention. I guess a bunch of British feminists are offended when another woman is called “very pretty.” If they were not so insecure, they would not take offense when given a compliment. A secure and confident women would accept the praise and say thank you. That is what a real women would do!!

I always like to look at the other side of the story. If I tell a lady she looks very nice it is one thing; BUTT if I tell her she has a nice ass, then I am out of line and should take a left hook.

It would make a lot more sense if these PC (politically correct) fools had something better to do; like devoting their time to a worthwhile causes, instructing kids how to grow up to be good, productive, patriotic citizens instead of filling their heads with trash. They are so self-absorbed, they do not see how ridiculous they look and and sound.

Go get a life bimbos!!

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