1st comes peeping – next is molesting ……..

Peeping Tom’ shot 3 times by Texas girl’s father is charged: report


The girl alerted her parents about a man after he allegedly tapped on her window while touching himself

1st comes peeping – next is molesting.

Deputies said the girl’s mother held the man at gunpoint outside the gas station, as the father headed inside to tell the clerk to call 911. But that’s when the suspect began wrestling the woman for her gun. He managed to disarm the woman and pointed her own gun in her direction. But her husband soon raced outside the gas station and fired at the suspect out of fear he’d shoot his wife. 


That should be the end of the story.

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2 Responses to 1st comes peeping – next is molesting ……..

  1. I caught a peeper once. My next door neighbor had teenage girls. I saw him standing in their yard looking into their bedroom window. He looked through parked vehicles on the street as he approached my house. I was setting a trap, as my neighbor across the street had told me this guy showed up about 2 times a week and would stand in the front of the yard and watch my wife rock and feed our new born baby. He came on the same days of the week. I popped out of my car I had parked in front of our house and grabbed him. We wrestled to the ground, he had a pull over facial stocking cap on. I was on top of him, pounding him with a few punches. I told him, lets go inside while I call the police……..He said: “Go ahead they ain’t going to do anything!” Probably true. So, I agreed and just punched him again. I even told him I should just drag his ass into my basement where I had a room I could toss him, lock the door and just keep him there. That terrified him. He thought I meant it, maybe the punches convinced him. He struggled, got up and took off running. I told him if he ever came back, I wouldn’t call the police but I’d kill him; and the police won’t do anything to me either. (of course we know that isn’t true) At any rate, my neighbor across the street saw the entire thing (she sits in front of her window each night and just watches the neighborhood, an older lady, somewhat a peeper herself, but on the good side). She said she occasionally saw the guy walking, but stayed clear of our street, took a longer route to wherever he went. I found out by our local police he worked a night shift across town. I described him to the police chief, he asked if the guy had a facial deformity. He did, around his mouth. They knew exactly who he was, but he was right, they’d have done nothing. He was also mentally slow. I guess that is an excuse. NOT, he knew what he was doing.

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