Gotta practice what you preach Huxtible …..

With Bill Cosby still in full denial; he has to take a good look back at his speech to a young group of black kids telling them to take responsibility for their own actions, as it should be.

Bill Cosby and Black Responsibility: The Problem of ……

Cosby was clearly trying to connect with a message that black poverty would only end when and if black people themselves took responsibility for changing their lives. This was a very different message from the politics of guilt, where the message had been that white racism had placed barriers to African American progress, and these were the causes of racial injustice and inequality.

Bill Cosby Talks ‘No-groes,’ Black Leadership With CNN’s …

Wanting African-Americans to take responsibility for their lives, their kids and their education, Bill Cosby has offered some strong words to a group of people he has dubbed “no-groes.” In an interview with CNN ‘s Don Lemon Saturday, the comedian was asked to reflect on the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington and to comment on the future of black leadership in the United States.

Yesterdays post:

Mia Culpa or survival mode …..

Posted on 07/04/2021 by The Goomba Gazette

I saw the speech Cosby made, it was compelling and took a lot of guts. At the time; I admired The Cos for what he was preaching and putting his neck in the chopping block, going against the grain of an entire race and setting the record straight.

Then; up jumped the devil and Huxtibles other nasty/criminal showed his ugly head. The old saying is; do 1,0000 things and no one remembers – do one thing wrong (in Cosby’s case 60) things, everyone remembers.

It is really too bad that he could not keep himself clean and on the straight and narrow. He was one hell of a role model and inspiration to all the black men and kids in the world.

Then comes the BUTT. BUTT since his other side has been exposed, he has to own what he did, take responsibility, giving the victims the acknowledgement they deserve.

He spent all the time in jail that he ever will, so what is it except pride that prevents him from coming clean and putting this to rest for his victims, his family and himself?

Gotta practice what you preach Huxtible …..

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